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Appliance Repair Pickering

appliance repair pickering

Washing Machine Repair

Our washer repair technicians offer quality and quick response service in Pickering, Ontario. Is your washing machine not draining? Is water leaking on the floor? We repair the appliance once we troubleshoot and isolate the problematic parts. At our expert local company, Appliance Repair Pickering, we all go the extra mile for each client. Every single member of our team is qualified and skilled, certified and licensed. You can trust that we can diagnose washer problems fast and accurately and have the equipment and know how to take care of them. Our Pickering washing machine repair technicians also offer routine services and make the installation of any new washer.Washing Machine Repair Pickering

We are home washing machine repair specialists

Washers are important laundry room appliances. That’s why we repair washing machine problems as soon as possible. Our specialized technician arrives at your home with full equipment in his truck in order to check the reasons for the washer not latching, spinning or draining. Issues related to leaks, failure to wash clothing well and insufficient rinsing are also fixed by our team. Our experts are all trained to repair any laundry machine type and brand in Ontario. Customers in Pickering can rely on the expertise of our washing machine technicians to find and fix the problem.

During washing machine repair services, we can also replace damaged parts. It’s not unusual for components to wear. The door gasket might be ruined, the lid switch might be damaged and valves might break. From the motor and pumps to belts, hoses and timers, our technicians have the skills and spares to replace any ruined component.

Our washer service experts maintain and install your home appliance

If you are interested in a regular washer service, give us a call. We don’t only fix sudden problems, but are also available to maintain your washer in order to prevent future trouble. The service is done meticulously and includes a variety of tasks, such as fixing problems, leveling the washer and making adjustments.

We are always thorough when we check and service washing machines and equally diligent when we install new ones. Call us if you need washer installation. Trust that our technicians will do the job on time and to your full expectations. Contact our company for any concern and especially when you need emergency washing machine repair in Pickering, ON.

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